Mini-Goals vs. Mega-Goals

I realized right after posting Part 4 I had left out one key component of staying motivated – setting goals.

Goal setting is integral to success. I set mini-goals and mega-goals all the time.

An example of a mini-goal may be “I am going to keep running until I reach that stop sign”. But, mini goals aren’t always that mini. For example a mini-goal could be “I am going to work-out three times this week” or “go for a walk this weekend”.

An example of a mega-goal may be “I am going to train for a 1/2 marathon”. I like mega-goals. Mega goals allow you to set and achieve mini-goals. I am saying mega and mini way too much…

You need to set audacious and challenging goals. When I was training for a 1/2 marathon many people would say “I couldn’t do that”. Well, I think you could have and still can. The body is an amazing powerhouse – one that we don’t often use to its full capacity. I dare you to push the limits.

So set a mega-goal. And then set many mini-goals that will allow you to successfully accomplish your mega-goal. Mini goals help you to feel good along the way. Writing these things down is also important because we forget. And you’ll be more likely to achieve your goal if you do it with a buddy.

Happy weekending.



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