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Part 4: Ideas to motivate

It’s Friday. Happiness. I am looking forward to my beer tonight.

This series on motivation has been super interesting to write and receive feedback on. On the recent poll I posted the top choice for “motivation(s) to be physically active” was that it “makes you feel good (reduces stress/tension/etc.)”. That’s awesome. Based on my previous blog, the more you enjoy doing something, the more likely you are to do it. Rock on liveitactive readers!

When it comes to being physically active, I’m motivated by a number of things and they change fairly regularly. Here’s what gets me going:

  1. I love the feeling after a good workout.
  2. It relaxes me.
  3. Refocuses me (makes me a better student).
  4. It reduces tension in my lower back and shoulders.
  5. If I am going to have a big meal, or going to eat a greasy (yet delicious) McDonald’s.
  6. Working out with a friend.
  7. Being a super competitive person.
  8. Laughing (on the inside) at the intenso-grunter-sleeveless shirt dudesters at the gym.     
  9. Music (HUGE motivator for me).                                                                                                                  
  10. It’s fun.
  11. Sharks.

I have a number of motivations and many of them are NOT deep. Sometimes I find the gym super boring and stop going for a while. And then I start to feel crabby, tense, anxious…you get the picture. Sometimes I run and then my hips start to ache like crazers. Sometimes if I can’t exercise I just make a point to take the stairs a couple of times and try to sit less and stretch at night. I’m not always motivated. But I always go back to exercise/physical activity. Always. 

So, some ideas to motivate you when you start to get bored/tired/busy:

  1. Grab a friend – even if you gossip or stay silent, it’s always better with someone (definitely the gossip part…talking to yourself while running is iffy however, I live in Kingston. A lone, gossiping runner wouldn’t really phase me).
  2. Download some new tunes.
  3. Get a new work out top (OK I know, super superficial. But come on, you can’t deny you love showing off your new threads).
  4. Change up the time of day you exercise.
  5. Start a walking group at work.
  6. Look for some new weight/cardio routines on the web (obviously, use the web with caution).
  7. Find a new physical activity/sport in your community. Ask to try out a free session…or just pay for one trial session.
  8. Try belly dancing. Or archery. Or snow-shoe running.
  9. Listen to an audio book – can’t beat learning while exercising.
  10. Track your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come is exhilarating.
  11. Dance for 1 minute, every hour, for one day. That’s funny AND active.
  12. Alter your route to work/school. Instead of taking the car, walk or ride. If that is not feasible try to get a walk in at lunch.
  13. Get the family involved. This may be one of the most important aspects (my opinion) to long-term success. Be a team.

A fairly extensive list if I may say so myself. If you have any other ideas please comment away OR send an email to    

Enjoy the weekend.

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