Working Mother Experience

I've been clicking the keys, writing this blog for a decade - yes, a decade. I think it's mainly my Dad and Aunt who read it, but there may be a few other amazing folks out there reading it regularly (I can count two other very close friends - thank you)! Regardless of how many … Continue reading Working Mother Experience

All the sad things

I'm not sure about you, but the past year has had a significantly higher incidence of sad things than all other years of my life. What makes something a "sad thing" you ask? A list of sad things: Cancer diagnosis Losing a parent (x3)Losing an aunt Losing a pet A very sick nephewLosing a job … Continue reading All the sad things

Masks we wear

No, I'm not talking about beauty masks. No, I'm not talking about the masks we have to wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. in this bizarre new reality we live in. No, I'm not talking about Phantom of the Opera (but that's maybe inspiration for another post - who doesn't love phantom?). I'm talking about the masks … Continue reading Masks we wear

Savouring 2020

One way to enhance happiness is through the act of savouring. To savour is to reflect on the moments that brought you peace, joy or contentment, holding them in your mind's eye for a moment or two. This process helps to enhance the memory and also provides you with a positive hit of endorphins and … Continue reading Savouring 2020


"How have you learned to love in this one life?" This question comes from a recent read on near-death-experiences. I devoured at least four books on the subject a month or so ago; I literally couldn't put the books down. And in all of them, the central tenet was love. More specifically, experiencing pure love … Continue reading Forgiveness


"You don't have time. Time has you." The sands of time ~Dark (Netflix Original Series) This quote is written on the whiteboard on my fridge. It's already worn off once from the various brushes of hands writing other things, but has recently been re-etched. The profundity of this statement demands that it be written, read … Continue reading Time

Knowing & living your values

Uncovering what matters to you can take years (a nice slow grind) or it can happen in a literal moment of clarity when something or someone pushes up against you (metaphorically usually) and you say, "oh, hello something that really matters to me". (Just giving you, the lovely reader, a warning that the coherence of … Continue reading Knowing & living your values

Toxic culture + Pleaser tendencies = Danger Zone

Our social ties are powerful. We know, perhaps even more now after being cooped up for months, how much we crave and ultimately need other human beings physically around us. As mammals, we instinctively understand that our survival depends on others - whether in helping to forage food (e.g. go to Costco), build shelter (a.k.a. … Continue reading Toxic culture + Pleaser tendencies = Danger Zone

Lake of Repression v. The Trouble Tree

A week or so ago, I was sitting enjoying a glass of wine with a good friend and we discussed the various ways we (ourselves and perhaps more broadly) deal with our darkness (we can't deny that human beings have some serious darkness as much as we have lightness). As part of this discussion, I … Continue reading Lake of Repression v. The Trouble Tree