I've been reading, thinking and feeling a lot about love lately. I've also been wondering how such a powerful force can be present in all aspects of my life, even at work. "I wonder if being the fool is worth it, in the end, as love will always lead us more powerfully and positively than … Continue reading Love

Knowing & living your values

Uncovering what matters to you can take years (a nice slow grind) or it can happen in a literal moment of clarity when something or someone pushes up against you (metaphorically usually) and you say, "oh, hello something that really matters to me". (Just giving you, the lovely reader, a warning that the coherence of … Continue reading Knowing & living your values

Toxic culture + Pleaser tendencies = Danger Zone

Our social ties are powerful. We know, perhaps even more now after being cooped up for months, how much we crave and ultimately need other human beings physically around us. As mammals, we instinctively understand that our survival depends on others - whether in helping to forage food (e.g. go to Costco), build shelter (a.k.a. … Continue reading Toxic culture + Pleaser tendencies = Danger Zone

Lake of Repression v. The Trouble Tree

A week or so ago, I was sitting enjoying a glass of wine with a good friend and we discussed the various ways we (ourselves and perhaps more broadly) deal with our darkness (we can't deny that human beings have some serious darkness as much as we have lightness). As part of this discussion, I … Continue reading Lake of Repression v. The Trouble Tree

Coping with Our New Normal

Our world is a very different one right now. You may be thinking, "thank you, Morgan, for stating the obvious." It's important we take a moment to acknowledge and grieve the loss of the reality we once held onto as truth, as our destiny. We made plans based on this reality. We made budgets based … Continue reading Coping with Our New Normal

On gaining weight during isolation

Across our beautiful globe, folks are experiencing the joys and delights of prolonged isolation and social distancing, some experiencing more government force to do so. In Canada, we have been asked to stay home, many workplaces that have the ability to, have stated a mandatory work-from-home policy, and we are now finally wearing masks when … Continue reading On gaining weight during isolation

“I’m f***ing meditating”

So who has heard that meditation is good for stress management? I bet no one. Just kidding, I think we've all heard this approx. 157 times and even more since COVID-19 took over our news and social media feeds. Some of us may give the classic hairy eyeball (a.k.a. eye-roll) when we hear someone pontificating … Continue reading “I’m f***ing meditating”

Transcending Worth

Worth. Worth. Worth. "We need to know our self-worth." "We need to value our worth." "What's your worth?" We hear a lot about worth. I've talked about it at my retreats. I've written about it in my retreat guide. Yet, recently the entire concept has started to annoy me, but I've been unclear about why...until … Continue reading Transcending Worth

“If you could do one thing, what would it be?”

Life can seem like a never-ending series of options, opportunities and avenues to say 'yes' to. We constantly have distractions offered to us: "yes, I'll sign my kid up for music, skiing, skating and swimming" or "yes, I'll volunteer for this cause too" or "of course I can help with this project at work" or … Continue reading “If you could do one thing, what would it be?”

How often do you say ‘no’?

Guten morgen! It's an early start today - I never know when early morning insomnia will strike, but it has allowed time for reading, reflecting and writing (too bad I can't think of another 'r' word for writing at this hour). I'm reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown and it's rad. I recommend it for anyone … Continue reading How often do you say ‘no’?