Surviving Work Post-Maternity Leave

Last week was my first "week" back after a year "vacation" caring for my second tiny human. Granted a three-day week, I'm so grateful for the gentle reintroduction to the working world (3 day weeks; oh the hardship); it was a really great start. I thought I'd share a few tips to help other mommas … Continue reading Surviving Work Post-Maternity Leave


Choosing Discomfort over Resentment

I'm currently reading Brene Brown's most recent book, Dare to Lead. As always, she's beautifully woven together personal experience, research and practical tools to help anyone and everyone, not just leaders, be better human beings. The nugget that has resonated most powerfully with me, and one that I've put into action, is her advice to … Continue reading Choosing Discomfort over Resentment

The Power of Narrative

I believe it is ingrained in our DNA to connect to and attach ourselves to story (I'm sure someone can send me the research...I'm too lazy this morning). It's largely how our ancestral history has been passed down century to century: those before us painted, wrote, or spoke their story. Much of the stories that … Continue reading The Power of Narrative

The Gratitude Visit

The father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, is big on tangible tools to help cultivate positive emotion and well-being. He's helped many, I mean many, move out of Depression and into a more balanced and positive place; thank goodness for the positive psychology movement, one that has grown in clout through research over the last … Continue reading The Gratitude Visit

The Nitty Gritty on Mom-ing (not just some bulls*** “this is so hard” post)

I just read another article on motherhood. It stated what I believe to be the obvious: we need to talk more about the child-rearing part than the pregnancy and labour part. And I think we are. All the social media feeds I follow seem to state, quite frequently and vehemently, how hard mom-ing and dad-ing … Continue reading The Nitty Gritty on Mom-ing (not just some bulls*** “this is so hard” post)

Breastfeeding has sucked the literal life out of me

I know, I know, I'm the annoying woman who is complaining about weight loss from breastfeeding. Well, I'm not complaining so much - I'm appreciative of my children for assisting with the removal or downsizing of all the fat cells they helped to create and / or enlarge during pregnancy. Muchos gracias, babies. Yet, while … Continue reading Breastfeeding has sucked the literal life out of me

Relaxing is HARD: My Eco Yoga Challenge

I may be the least zen person I know. Especially on maternity leave (unfortunately, this time doesn't bring out the best version of yours truly). I am quick to anger. I experience intense road rage. And I can be a spicy tamale with my husband on the regular (what a dream zone for him). As … Continue reading Relaxing is HARD: My Eco Yoga Challenge