Delicious Red Lentil Coconut Soup Recipe

Good morning! Every once and a while I share a delicious recipe and I've got a real treat for you today. On Wednesday night I made red lentil coconut soup and it was a resounding success. (I did not take this amazing picture, Tina the creator of the blog Scaling Back and the chef behind … Continue reading Delicious Red Lentil Coconut Soup Recipe


Hip Pain from Running

I am training for the upcoming half-marathon in Calgary and recently have been experiencing some discomfort in my left hip joint. It's likely because I went too far too soon. I did a 14 km run a weekend ago (jumping a few weeks ahead of my training plan) thinking I was ready, obviously my body … Continue reading Hip Pain from Running

On Counting Calories

Good morning! I think this has been my longest stint not blogging. I've missed it. And today's post will have to be kept short as I have an important morning meeting. As I mentioned a blog post ago, I was recently in the United States where restaurants are now required to document the calorie count … Continue reading On Counting Calories

11 Greatest Diet Myths

Ah the world of dieting. It's a world full of mind-boggling and often unsafe recommendations. It's a world that most will enter into at some point in their life - a very unfortunate thing. Why unfortunate? Because diets are not sustainable and therefore, will never work in the long haul. Sure, you'll drop a couple … Continue reading 11 Greatest Diet Myths

Dealing with Death

When you begin writing a blog you vow to yourself, your readers, and your friends and family that you will not, I repeat, will not discuss your personal life. Sadly, I broke that vow quite early on and I'm going to break it again today. I was in Ontario last week for a family emergency. … Continue reading Dealing with Death

Understanding Mindful Eating

Good morning! I am currently enrolled in 30-day mindful eating course via email. Say what? Yes, participants receive emails from the instructor everyday that contain a message on mindful eating. Yesterday's email (that I read today) struck me. It asked us to determine our "drug of choice". My instructor shared a personal story about her … Continue reading Understanding Mindful Eating

T’is Party Season. Avoid the Food Coma.

Party season is upon us. Weekends seem to go by more quickly, your kids (if you've got them) have entered hyperville and don't seem to be returning home anytime soon, and your pants are perhaps a little tighter than they were in November. There's no denying it, it's party time. If you like parties, it … Continue reading T’is Party Season. Avoid the Food Coma.