On Physical Activity While Pregnant

I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve received about exercising while pregnant. “You’re doing this class?” or “You’re still working out?”, have been common questions over the course of my baby’s six month gestation. I received a lecture from one of the nurses I had the misfortune of interacting with (there have been plenty of nice nurses too) and my current OB (I know, I know, she’s doing her job telling me about how the pelvic floor works).

Interestingly, I have had a phenomenal pregnancy so far. And while I appreciate this is anecdotal evidence, it would seem being fit pre-pregnancy and remaining active while incubating a human are quite helpful. But wait, the research also supports this relationship; exercising increases blood flow to the baby and improves brain development, helps manage birth weight and lowers risk for gestational diabetes…you get the picture.

As you’ve likely guessed, I will continue to exercise until I deliver (well, I hope to). I will walk to and from work for as long as my body and the weather will allow. I will continue to lift weights and maintain my cardio; however, running has become more of a challenge due to the recent development of shin splints. I will continue to teach Zumba until the end of this month and try out cross-country skiing in December. I will do all of this while paying great attention to my body. I will not do anything that feels awkward of uncomfortable. I will adjust as necessary.

This post reads like a confession. And to be honest, you often do feel like a sinner while pregnant with all the judgment and unsolicited comments that come your way (diet related comments are by far the most common and the most annoying). It’s a balancing act to navigate the research, old wives tales, stories from friends and family, and still ensure you have the pregnancy you wish to have. So if confessing is what I need to do, so be it.

Yet, the true intention of this post is to assure other pregnant ladies that exercising (in whatever way works for you) should be completely safe while pregnant. It is not okay for women to be told that their miscarriage was a result of heavy exercising (yes, this has happened). Of course, you need to talk to a professional, but make sure you talk to a few as the opinions can vary widely. I’ve run two half marathons and a trail race while pregnant with no issue – don’t let fear mongering take hold.

Listening to your body is always a good rule. If you’re too tired to workout, don’t. If you need a nap, take it. If you feel up for a jog, go for it. If you’re nervous about hurting the baby, do some reading and / or talk to your doctor.

Happy exercising,



One thought on “On Physical Activity While Pregnant

  1. Well, take this unsolicited advice….Keep it up. I bought my first gym membership and then a month later found out I was pregnant with my third child. I continued to work out until month 8…and then it was just too awkward to do anything but walk (I was huge because he was huge). By far my best pregnancy and the best recovery afterwards as well. Just listen to your body. It’ll let you know when enough is enough. 🙂

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