So…did you do it?

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m not typically one for New Year’s resolutions. Yet, last year, around this time, I made some and I vowed not to tell anyone until January 2015.

So it’s now January 2015, the moment I know you’ve all been waiting for with bated breath.

But what I want to to know is did you do it? Did you jot down a few resolutions? Did you keep them a secret? Do you remember where you even put the list? If yes, dig those puppies up. Take a read. Have a laugh. I sure did.

Morgan’s 2014 Resolutions:

1. Nag less. “One less nag per day (catch myself before I say it).” In my mind, I achieved this resolution without fail (like all my resolutions…), yet I enlisted my husband to provide some objective feedback on this one. Surprisingly, he thinks I did nag less which is astounding  given we also got hitched in 2014. I’m not entirely sure if I did one less nag per day (I don’t have a running nag tally or alarm to let me know when I’m getting close to the threshold), but I did catch myself, on more than one occasion, before the nag-y words spewed out my mouth. Some days were much better than others. Sometimes I met nag threshold before my husband was even out of bed. Sometimes my husband had to set a limit (e.g. “you have two more nags left so make them good”). Sometimes I didn’t have much to nag about (these instances were rare). Overall, I think I did relatively well on this, but there’s always room for improvement (just like there is room for improvement when it comes to leaving wet towels on the floor…finishing with a nag).

2. Be less emotionally demanding. For someone who cries often, being less emotionally demanding is tough. Fortunately my husband is part saint and thus, has a high threshold for general tearfulness, malaise, grump-monster-type-behaviour. Once again, I asked for honest feedback and received a fairly positive response. Definitely not a vigorous nodding of the head in agreement, more of a gentle tilt, but I’ll take it. With the wedding, I’m not sure if emotional demands were lessened, but it heartens me to know that my husband either actually believes this to be true or loves me enough to engage in a gentle white lie.

3. Reduce snacking at work. “Don’t always take something from the kitchen just because it is available.” The additional notes to my resolutions make me smile. Thank you, past Morgan, for telling me not to eat something just because it’s free and available. I sound like a food you-know-what, which I really am. It’s almost impossible for me to walk past a plate of goodies at work, samples (or “samps” as I so fondly call them) at Costco, or the free chocolates in a bowl at Ikea (yes, I always look through the wrappers to see if there are any chocolates left at the bottom). Before this moves to full confession and becomes somewhat uncomfortable, I am pleased to announce that I did not “always take something from the kitchen just because it’s available” in 2014. I exerted some self-restraint and my pants thanked me. So did my pocketbook (yes, pocketbook) as buying new pants on a regular basis can get expensive.

4. Have fun planning the wedding. “It’s meant to be joyful, not stressful”. Thanks again, past Morgan, for this upbeat quip. I was obviously in a frenzied state of wedding planning when I wrote this resolution, so wanting to convince myself that every element of planning what’s supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime-knock-your-socks-off-type-event-no-pressure-that-is-super-expensive is supposed to be joy-filled and happy happy fun times. Some parts of planning were seriously fun. The best part was putting everything into action the week prior to the big day. And the big day rocked. Yet, some of the planning down-right sucked. So for all those brides in the midst of planning your kick-ass day, know that it’s okay to not love everything to do with wedding planning.

5. Run the 10 KM in under 50 minutes. I ran it in 50.04. It’s not under 50 minutes, so I didn’t technically achieve my goal, but I’m still super jazzed. I almost puked crossing the finish line so that has to be worth something.

So what’s your list? Share if you wish. Send me an email with a few laughs.

If you didn’t achieve your goals, don’t fret. I am not certain I actually achieved any of mine, but I did think about each of the five resolutions throughout the entire year. They didn’t disappear into the abyss of resolutions past. Perhaps not telling people is the trick. Perhaps not making the goals so difficult and being more gentle with ourselves is the way to go.

I’ve already made my list for next year and I look forward to having a laugh or two with you in 2016.

Happy New Year!





4 thoughts on “So…did you do it?

  1. Morgan! Congratulations on your wedding and marriage. So happy for you and thanks as always for the great posts. Would love to hear how you are doing these days and of course see a photo. 🙂 Cheers, Jenny

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