Calm: The meditation website

My friend recently introduced me to this incredible website. As I write, I’m listening to and loving the background music. The visuals are also beautiful (but I can’t look while I type).

When you first arrive it appears this is a site of nothing (except beautiful imagery and calming music). Once you move your cursor onto the screen a column appears on the left-hand side offering you the follow options: guided meditation at different intervals, a timer to bring you back to reality after self-guided meditation, the opportunity to download the app on your phone, and information on the site.  I performed the 2 minute meditation and loved it.

I plan to share this site with colleagues, friends, family, and of course, my loyal blog readers (thank you by the way for being so awesome). It’s free. It’s beautiful. It’s user-friendly. What’s not to love?

We are all deserving of peace.

We are all deserving of kindness.

We play an integral role in finding peace and being kind to both ourselves and others.



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