The 26-minute NASA nap

I rarely nap, but when I do it's absolutely delicious. To me, there are few things better than a Sunday afternoon couch nap in the sun (perhaps I was a cat in a past life). Yet, sometimes you can wake from a nap feeling just as unrested as when you started, in fact your grogginess … Continue reading The 26-minute NASA nap


Calm: The meditation website

My friend recently introduced me to this incredible website. As I write, I'm listening to and loving the background music. The visuals are also beautiful (but I can't look while I type). When you first arrive it appears this is a site of nothing (except beautiful imagery and calming music). Once you move your cursor … Continue reading Calm: The meditation website

“If your fear is about the non-existent (past/future), your fear is 100% imaginary”

I posted this video over two years ago (very hard to believe), but the message is so profound, I think it important to re-post.

Live It Active

This video ties in beautifully with my recent focus on mindfulness meditation.

Happy pondering.


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