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One month without Facebook

Today marks the one month anniversary of my not using Facebook. Some (including myself) may be concerned I will develop a holier than thou attitude about not using social media. Please don’t fear. I won’t become an anti-social-media-really-annoying-person. I can’t. I still use social media. I have been visiting my Instagram account more since leaving Facebook (but I don’t have as many friends on Instagram so it takes sometimes a day or two for something new to be added) and I use LinkedIn. So really, I can’t develop a holier than thou attitude as I would be a complete hypocrite and, well, completely annoying.

So has anything changed? Not really. I still chat with my closest friends on a daily / weekly basis. I still share pictures with my family and friends via Photostream. I read the news online and sometimes check Reddit for goodies (usually if my fiance has left the browser open, I’m not that cool). I’ve had a few weak moments (approximately 2) where I wanted to log back in or sneak on via Evan’s, but other than that it has been smooth sailing.

Yet, something has changed. I don’t waste time learning about the lives of my friends, acquaintances and friends-no-longer via the internet; if I want to know how the people I care about are doing, I call them. Not surprisingly, human contact, albeit it over the phone, is pretty nice. I have also started reading more (not sure if that has to do with Facebook or just my monthly book binge), but best of all, I have stopped watching as much television. I think quitting Facebook (sounds so intense) brought awareness as to how much screen time I was engaging in and that’s a dangerous thing, especially for children (and I want to be a positive role model someday down the road). My good friend up in Edmonton actually researches the damaging consequences of screen time on cognitive development in children, so please let me know if you’re interested in some additional reading.

I’m going to see how long I can go for. I think there are other positive consequences that I am not consciously aware of and / or will take longer to become noticeable. Only time will tell.

Have you ever thought of giving up social media, cutting down your screen time, reading more, watching less television, getting outside more? Maybe, with the weather improving, it’s time to take some serious action. And I don’t mean cut all television or only spend time reading. Absolutely not. Going cold turkey on anything isn’t always ideal (yes, it worked for Facebook) and you don’t need to in order to achieve health benefit. Think about what you’ve been wanting to do, but holding back from doing.

Happy Thursday!





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