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A reminder to those resolution-makers

We’re now entering the lovely month of April, where spring showers and new additions to our flower gardens are promised and often enjoyed…wait…what? That may be the reality in rainy / warm Vancouver, but we in the true great white north may have another month ahead of the horrible white stuff. On a positive note, we can actually see the sun today!

Lamenting about the weather is not the focus of this post, don’t worry. Instead I wanted to send a little reminder to all those individuals who made resolutions, but vowed to not tell anyone, to continue to work towards the resolutions you made (if you can remember them :)).

I just found my resolution list (thank goodness I wrote it down) and am pleased to note I’ve made a few small and positive changes in alignment with my resolutions; however, I definitely have some ground to cover over the next 9 months.

Take a look at yours and honestly ask yourself: 1) Are they working?; 2) Do I need to readjust then?; 3) How can I better support myself to keep moving forward?

Happy thinking.




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