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#100daysofhappy comes to an end

So I signed up to participate in this #100daysofhappy challenge. It requires participants to share a photo of something / someone that makes them happy everyday on their medium of choice. In order to be tracked by the #100daysofhappy people, you need to use the hashtag.

My pictures have ranged from a good green smoothie (it took me a while to get the proportions right) to a spa date with my mom. I have already forgotten one day, but posted two pictures the next. I’ve apologized for boring pictures and for the fact that this challenge, especially the hashtag, may be irritating to some people.

So why did I choose to participate in a challenge that I seem to be slightly embarrassed about? Well remembering to do anything for a 100 days is a challenge in itself, but it sounded interesting and I wanted to try it out. The website stated that only 30% of people who commit to the challenge stick it out, so that brought out some of my competitive juices as well.

Yet, this challenge has forced me to ask myself if sharing these pictures has helped me to better appreciate my moments of happiness or, was I already perfectly aware that finishing a book in time for book club made me happy. Furthermore, does sharing the picture with my friend group actually make me more happy.

The answer to these questions is a resounding no.

While it’s been a long process, over the last few years I have become more aware of the small joys throughout the day (cheesy, I know). Yes, I still miss some. Yes, I don’t appreciate all of them, but I was already well aware of the small joys before starting this challenge. And sharing my joys with friends and family is only better when they’re there with me. Sharing a picture of my green smoothie, doesn’t make the experience better. In fact, it likely makes the experience less enjoyable for me due to the anxiety I feel of posting an ‘annoying’ photo (and let’s be honest, a green smoothie is perhaps one of the most dull things to share on Instagram). Even if the picture was of me out to lunch with my mom (which makes me very happy), sharing the photo doesn’t make it better, the experience itself is more than enough. 

So I’m ending the #100daysofhappy. I don’t know if anyone will care. I guess I’m doing another annoying thing by sharing it on this blog, but so be it. I shall endlessly annoy you.

I don’t want to feel forced into taking and sharing pictures of things that make me happy. They already make me happy. And I know they do. And that is more than enough.




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  1. * Diane says:

    Here’s an idea…do a “what made me happy today” journal. One entry per day. Forces you to think about it but you don’t have to impose it on any one else – not that I would have minded because I would have loved your pics but alas not on Twitter…. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 3 years, 12 months ago
    • You’re too sweet, Di! Thanks for the tip. I am the worst diary/journal writer, but it’s a neat concept and then it’s only for me.

      | Reply Posted 3 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Michelle says:

    I kind of felt the same way about this challenge! I actually started with just one friend, but we never followed through until the end. We wouldn’t always take pictures, but would just take the time to think about what made us happy that day. I’m not sure if sharing it with everyone would have really had a big impact. It is kind of nice, however, to take the time and think about your day rather than just rushing through it!

    | Reply Posted 3 years, 12 months ago
    • I agree, it is nice to contemplate your day. I like the concept and plan to continue to think about what makes me happy, I just won’t necessarily share it!

      | Reply Posted 3 years, 11 months ago

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