You’re replaceable at work; not at home

Last night I heard another story of a person working for close to 30 years for a large, international company only to be let go when the going got tough. That's right, this person dedicated almost 30 years of their life, gave up vacation time to take conference calls, and worked excessively long hours only … Continue reading You’re replaceable at work; not at home


Running in the severely cold

This past weekend, I decided to go running in -30 weather. I've told a lot of people about this. Yes, I feel like a tough Canuck telling people (lame, but so true), but I think I've been over-sharing because it truly was a painful experience that I want others to be better prepared for. Fortunately, … Continue reading Running in the severely cold

Insomnia: It’s not pleasant

I've never been one to lose sleep...until recently. And I've got to say, I'm really not a fan. Typically my stress presents in other obnoxious ways: getting grumpy with my fiancée, obsessing over noises (more than usual), ruminating on thoughts that are completely unproductive, you get the picture (yes, I know I have some interesting tendencies). … Continue reading Insomnia: It’s not pleasant