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Winter is coming

Good morning!

Again, I apologize for the long gap in between posts – things are just starting to return to a more normal routine.

It’s been an unbelievably mild fall in Calgary. Yes, fall. Typically that season, along with spring, is non-existent in this northern climate. Winter, all 10 months of it, just goes right into 2 months of summer, and then we’re back where we started. But I consider us lucky this year and hope it is indicative of a mild winter (even though winters aren’t actually too bad here).

As the weather turns, so will our outdoor exercise patterns, but I ask ‘why?’. Why must we return to the stinky, sweaty, overly populated box we call the gym? Can’t we continue to co-exist with the natural world? Yes my friends, yes we can.

This winter, I encourage you to continue running or cycling to work. I encourage you to continue to run at lunch. If it does get down to frigid temperatures (like minus 20), you may want to think twice or wear a touque that is resembles a Mexican wrestler’s headgear. Also, there are many sports made for the winter such as skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, skating (my nightmare), and so much more (just check out this list).

So let’s not let winter win this year by forcing inside where germs run rampant. Let’s put on some mittens, a touque, long johns, woolly socks, many top layers, and a jacket and get out there. Be one with winter and nature this year.

I plan to do as much skiing, snowshoeing and lunch-time running as I possibly can. In fact, I think my running schedule will be more regular in the winter than in the summer as I’m travelling less and have minimal vacation time. I am excited to battle the elements / feel tough / get intense. I encourage you to try it out. I bet you’ll feel invigorated (or frozen) by the cold air in your lungs.

Happy winter sporting (it’s seriously just around the corner, so accept it and move on :))



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  1. * Judy says:

    Thanks for this note of encouragement, Morgan. It’s just what I need to keep going at the exercise and a reminder that winter should not let me restrict my activities. All the best in your winter exercise endeavours!

    | Reply Posted 4 years, 4 months ago

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