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250 squats, 100 leg lifts, 40 pushups

The Challenge is complete. I finished last Thursday.

While the physicality of the challenge was sometimes tiring (your body does adapt over the 30 day period so the last week or isn’t as bad as you think it would be), it was integrating the workouts on days where there was minimal to no time to do it. Yet, I always managed to fit it in.

I am starting another 30 day tailored challenge tomorrow (it includes yoga which is one of the most challenging activities for me) and I’m sincerely looking forward to it (not the yoga…). Participating in this challenge taught me a few important lessons:

  • it’s great to sweat everyday – you never regret working out;
  • you always have enough time to work out (i.e. you make time);
  • when your abs start to ache, you can always do at least 20 more leg lifts;
  • your body adapts in a very short period of time and can withstand much more than you think it can;
  • weight loss is not everything (which I know, but sometimes forget)  – I felt great, looked more lean and gained two pounds doing this (not sure if that’s the chocolate or muscle mass);
  • it reaffirmed the importance of having exercise buddies who can hold you accountable.


We sometimes forget how absolutely incredible our bodies are and what they are capable of. I encourage you to try a 30 day challenge (you can find them on the internet / pinterest) or you can create your own. My upcoming challenge is one I have created and includes 3 runs per week, 3 no excuses workouts (hellish), 3 half hour yoga sessions (nightmare), and a crunch challenge. I’ve also challenged myself to drink 2 smoothies (mostly comprised of kale) per week. This challenge is somewhat more daunting as it includes yoga and the ingestion of an intense amount of veggies in beverage form. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I challenge you to challenge yourself. Set a goal (an achievable and realistic one though) for yourself. Rope in a friend. Talk to your spouse and children about your desire to accomplish the goal and what they can do to support you. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.



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