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Getting your activity in is…tough

Happy Tuesday!

I have to say, life has been rather on the busy side as of late. We were just back in Ontario for a wedding (an absolutely marvelous one) and our time just whizzed by. I knew that I somehow had to fit in my weight workouts to ensure that I didn’t lose out on my bet. I didn’t want to disappoint my accountant. On second thought, she may have been pleased at the thought of a free breakfast and bottle of wine.

So while sitting with my mom in the backyard one sunny afternoon, I started doing my calisthenics. After a brief (and I mean very brief) workout, my mom asked whether that would have made any difference. Even though my brief exercise interlude was far from intense, it still got me out of my chair and moving. Sure, I may have only burned 100 additional calories, but it was still better than sitting still.

The first little weight workout (to be clear, I had to use body weight while I was home due to lack of free weights) happened on a Friday, leaving me one day to get in the third and final weight workout to meet quota. So I got up at 6:45 AM, ran laps on our driveway, did squats, planks, work with the Swiss ball and was delightfully eaten by mosquitoes. After much cursing and hot breathing, I went inside to finish my arm and ab workout. I then stretched, showered, got dressed and went to the hair salon to get my hair done for the wedding. I felt energized, happy to achieve my goal, and ready for a fabulous day of celebrating and dancing.

When you’re travelling, busy with family stuff, or on vacation, squeezing in a workout or two can be very difficult. Over the course of my brief interlude at home I had many thoughts about NOT doing the workout, thinking ‘who cares?’ I realized that I do care. I realized that my health and my body are worth caring about.

So if you are going away for an extended period or know you will be busy I encourage you to set a workout goal for the week to ensure you hold yourself accountable. Family, friends, food, drinks and every other distraction can often stand in your way, but I encourage you to push through.

Happy exercising!



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