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Belated Wednesday Workout Tip: Hold yourself accountable…

…and if you need help, ask a friend to be your accountant.

So what do I mean by this? Let me explain.

I’ve been slacking incredibly on my weight workouts and I was beginning to feel the effects. I was running, hiking, and walking, but it wasn’t enough. Weight training helps to build and tone muscle which helps to increase one’s resting metabolism among many other short and long-term health benefits. I can’t recommend it enough. Yet, I haven’t been doing it.

I decided to rope one of my best friends into the mix. She was my walking and pilates (one time only…I could not hate an exercise more) companion when we lived in the same city and is someone who could definitely help me hold myself accountable.

She immediately agreed to be my accountant and even better, we placed a bet. Now, I know I usually say stay away from extrinsic rewards, but sometimes it’s totally okay to have a little fun with it. Fun and social interaction are definitely positive motivators for exercise and thus, I believe they cancel out the negative extrinsic motivator. Anyways, we agreed to a 2 month bet in which we both selected our own exercise / health goals and the minimum amount we had to perform each week. We also agreed upon the stakes – a bottle of wine and a breakfast (I know, a very interesting combination…don’t worry the wine won’t be consumed over breakfast).

As you have likely guessed, I selected weight training a minimum of 3 times per week. My friend decided to commit to 3 mindfulness meditation sessions per week (which I thought was awesome).

After two weeks for me and one week for Jessica (she didn’t realize the bet had started due to my tardy emailing skills), we are both on track. I had to squeeze in a ‘quickie’ last night in order to sustain my bet, but I’m proud to say the bottle of wine and breakfast purchase is still up for grabs.

So if you’re struggling to hold yourself accountable, find an accountant. Place a bet. Have fun with it. Not only is it a great way to get you motivated (and sometimes we need an extrinsic motivator to help us get off the couch to experience and appreciate how awesome being active can feel and be), but it keeps you connected with a close friend. We have been emailing and texting throughout the week to help one another keep on track – I like that. Social support is such a critical component of long-term health change.

Happy Monday and thanks for your patience re the belated Wednesday workout tip!



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