Getting your activity in is…tough

Happy Tuesday! I have to say, life has been rather on the busy side as of late. We were just back in Ontario for a wedding (an absolutely marvelous one) and our time just whizzed by. I knew that I somehow had to fit in my weight workouts to ensure that I didn't lose out … Continue reading Getting your activity in is…tough


Belated Wednesday Workout Tip: Hold yourself accountable…

...and if you need help, ask a friend to be your accountant. So what do I mean by this? Let me explain. I've been slacking incredibly on my weight workouts and I was beginning to feel the effects. I was running, hiking, and walking, but it wasn't enough. Weight training helps to build and tone … Continue reading Belated Wednesday Workout Tip: Hold yourself accountable…

Wednesday Workout Tip: Get Ripped Arms

Ah, back to the world of blogging. I am pleased to be back. We have been through quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Our hometown (Calgary, Alberta) was hit by a major floor that had the entire downtown core evacuated. We live in the core and thus, were out of a home … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: Get Ripped Arms

The Hiatus is Over

Good afternoon loyal followers! I have been dealing with a number of interesting life events over the last two weeks which have taken my attention away from the blog. Yet, I have returned and vow to be more regular. I aim to have operations back in order by mid-week as I am currently recovering from some intense … Continue reading The Hiatus is Over