Friday, more like Funday

Good morning lovely readers. It’s Friday Funday.

Being the human that I am (accompanied by a very stressful work week) I unfortunately was unable to put together the last blog post on solutions to addressing emotional repression as an adult. I promise you that I will have the post written and ready for Monday morning.

This weekend I encourage you to do some thinking about your own childhood, about your parents, about your own children (if you have them), what kind of parent you are. Be honest. Be prepared for some things to come light you’ve never considered before.

Some may worry that in doing so, in looking for the negative memory, we create it. Perhaps. I promise you it’s unlikely. In fact, it’s more likely that if there is a negative it will be enshrouded by many positive memories trying to protect your conscious.

Some of you will have no negative memories and some will have negative memories but realize that they haven’t affected them as an adult. But for some, this may be anxiety-inducing and result in something unexpected and not pleasant. Thus, I encourage you to have some supports in place prior to exploring the memories of your childhood.

In the end, be kind to yourself. This isn’t supposed to be torturous. It’s not meant to make you feel guilty about who you are and how you parent. Absolutely not. It’s only to help you become more aware of who you are, your past, and bring light to areas / behaviours / thought patterns that you may want to work on.

M (and you all know I’m no psychologist or physician, so take what you want from this post)


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