Wednesday Workout Tip: Try an Exercise Class with a DJ

Yesterday, I had my first exercise experience with a DJ. Not that I haven’t jumped and danced wildly in a club before, but this class had an actual DJ in the exercise studio. It’s not a regular thing at this club, but it should be.

The intensity of the music left me both deaf and full of adrenalin. The instructor was unbelievable, pushing me to work to my maximum, catching me when I was slacking off (a common event during high-intensity class).

My shoulders feel detached from my body this morning, but seeing as I’ve never actually had my shoulders detached from my body, I’m not sure if that’s how they feel. Basically they feel tight. My back hurts. I feel fatigued. I feel like I worked hard yesterday.

The gym, Elevated Fitness, located at 637 11th avenue SW offers a number of high-intensity cardio and weight classes.  I participated in Martial Arts Fitness + (the plus sign is not a mistake). There was punching with weights, but there was no kicking (and thank god, as I would have knocked out everyone around me…a lot of people in a small space with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing is not a good idea). I’m seriously considering joining the club. That’s how good the class was.

While exercise class DJs are not a common thing, they should be. I hope this starts a new movement. If you’re an instructor you should recruit one for your next class. It honestly made the experience 100x more intense. That’s perhaps a slight exaggeration, but it was awesome. Everyone in the class also seemed VERY intense, which slightly scared me, but all in all, the class a keeper. Plus I can extend the truth and tell people I’m a martial artist…

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. The added bonus? I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.


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