“You are your own best health advocate”

No, this information is not earth-shattering, but it’s important that we’re reminded about the role we play in our health.

This was said by Alex Jamieson, a once famous vegan (girlfriend of the guy who did Supersize Me), who has made a public return to meat. Check out her video (can’t embed the video as WordPress doesn’t allow Flash).

Jamieson provided advice to vegetarians, vegans, and raw food followers. She states that after her public return to meat, her “friends” were more concerned about what this dietary change would do to the vegan movement as opposed to her health.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Extremists are oftentimes blind to common sense. Thankfully, Jamieson listened and responded to her body’s needs. As she says, you’re your own best health advocate.

I’ve heard of a number of people having to give up their vegetarian or vegan status due to health concerns. We evolved to eat protein in the form of meat. And while meat was not always in abundance during our early man years, it was consumed when and wherever possible. Yes, berries and greens helped to tide us over, but there was nothing like meat to sate our appetite, improve energy, and prepare for the winter or another hunt.

I understand and appreciate that there are a number of plant proteins out there that are good for you (of which most I eat), but they’re not a substitute for meat. Who hasn’t had a craving for red meat at least once? I’m sure there are a rare few, but the majority of people I talk to (even some vegetarians) have felt the need to eat meat. It is my opinion that we should listen to that need.

In summary, you are your own health advocate. That’s the message Jamieson is trying to get across. She isn’t raging against vegans or meat eaters, she’s just taking care of her body and we should all do the same.

Happy Monday!




2 thoughts on ““You are your own best health advocate”

  1. I’m certainly not denying that many people’s bodies do need meat – I’m a firm believer that we all have individual dietary needs, and I never try to force my own diet on anyone else – but I just wanted to say that I’m one of the “rare few” who has never craved meat. I’ve been veggie all my life and never felt a desire to eat meat. Your point is a good one though; listen to your body, find a diet that works for you, and then ignore anyone who tries to talk you out of it. Too many people think it’s their business to impose ideological rationing.

    1. May, thank you so much for sharing your experience and view! I am so glad to e-meet someone who has never had a craving for meat. I’m glad you have found a healthy diet for you and your body. Whatever works for you is the right choice.

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