Mental Health Week comes to a close (well almost)

It’s Friday of Mental Health Week. It’s almost over…

I did manage to take pictures of the items, events, people that made my day brighter, but at the moment I am a little time crunched. I have posted a few pictures on Twitter (@liveitactive) so please feel free to check them out there! I also had the pleasure of hearing from a few followers about what they’ve done this week for their mental health. It made me happy to know that people were taking time for self care.

So did I stick to my promise? Yup.

Monday – Sat on the balcony after work, had a glass of wine, and read. How deliciously relaxing. The wind did tend to distract, but all in all, a lovely Monday evening.

Tuesday – I went for a run at work with my buddy. It was beautiful outside and we had a great chat. Yay for friends and exercise.

Wednesday – At noon hour, I took a stroll up to the Edmonton River Valley…no, I did not walk from Calgary (that would have taken a VERY long time). I was there for business and was given the gift of time and decided to take advantage of it.

Thursday – We supported Burger Week (fundraising initiative at various restaurants throughout Calgary for local charities). Two of my colleagues and I went and had a delicious meal in the sun.

Friday – Well, the day has yet to unfold, but I imagine going for drinks with my friend at the end of the day will definitely contribute to my well-being (not necessarily the alcohol, more the social support thing)>

As for the weekend, I don’t know. Perhaps a hike or relaxing on the balcony. I look forward to either.

If you’re up for it, share an event from your mental health week on the live it active Facebook page. or Tweet with me @liveitactive.

Here’s to your mental health.



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