What’s making your day brighter?

Perhaps the sun? The sun is definitely making my day brighter – literally and figuratively. It helps me find my way to work and makes me feel happier, healthier and energized. You rock, sun.

But all joking aside, what’s making your day brighter (other than the sun)?

If you’re game, I encourage you to share what’s making your day brighter on the new live it active Facebook page (yes, I finally caved and created one) – https://www.facebook.com/liveitactive. You can share a picture, a comment, or even a video. It goes without saying, please make sure it’s appropriate.

Mental health week is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking time for you or caring for your mental health. It just means the media attention will die down and thus, there will be fewer reminders.

I encourage you to make a weekly / monthly schedule and find time for your mental health. I’d do it before the end of the week. Perhaps a trip to the spa? A full-day hike? A baseball game? A night out with friends? An hour of alone time? A snuggly morning with your babies (whether they be human or animal)? Schedule the time in your agenda. I know it may seem silly at first, but it takes time to form a habit. And I want your mental health care to become a habit.

If you reside in the lovely city of Calgary, you may catch me this morning on CityTV breakfast television talking about stress management in the workplace. If you’re on Twitter, come and and tweet with me tomorrow as I share more tips on how to better manage stress. @cmhacalgary #mymentalhealth (you’ve got to the use the hashtag for me to answer the questions)!

Happy Thursday!




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