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Hip Pain from Running

I am training for the upcoming half-marathon in Calgary and recently have been experiencing some discomfort in my left hip joint. It’s likely because I went too far too soon. I did a 14 km run a weekend ago (jumping a few weeks ahead of my training plan) thinking I was ready, obviously my body wasn’t. Word to the wise – follow your training plan.

While hip pain isn’t new to me, this particular pain is different so I’ve decided to do something about it.

I did a quick Google search and have come up with a couple of strengthening activities. Check out the post here. I hate resistance bands with a passion, but I’m willing to give it a try if it will help my hip pain (or injury) to recover more quickly.

I’m also going to get back to yoga and regular massage. A large majority of us have benefits  (myself included) that cover massage if prescribed by a physician and yet, we don’t utilize those benefits. I’m changing that this week and booking my first appointment in almost a year.

It’s hard to remember to take care of yourself when you’re already taking the necessary time to squeeze in the run. Self-care is an ongoing and often time-consuming process that a large majority of us push aside. Perhaps we feel selfish for taking any more time for our health. Perhaps time is the primary issue. Perhaps we don’t see a need for further self care (on top of exercising). Perhaps we simply aren’t aware of the added benefit of taking the extra time to stretch, get a massage, have a bath, drink water, sleep well, eat more fruits and veggies, reduce sugar intake, go to yoga, do strengthening exercises.

If you are currently training for some event and feeling the pang of an injury, take it easy. Do some research to determine the severity of the injury and then, if necessary, make an appointment with your doc. During that period, be sure to engage in some self-care. The benefits of taking care of your body, on top of exercising and eating well, will help you to feel better and, in turn, help you to become faster and stronger for whatever exercise goal you want to accomplish. Trust me.



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  1. * Jenny Corlett says:

    Hello Morgan!

    Great post and I know if what you speak. When I was training for the Prince Edward County half last fall (you know how I love that one!), I was also having some severe hip pain and was worried that I might be doing more damage. I worked through it and tried other exercises that I found on running websites, etc. It did help and I was able to do the half but I am taking a wee break from my annual half for now and doing shorter distances. It has healed and I just need to remember to remember my long-term health goals of wanting to be active as long as I possibly can.

    I hope that you are feeling better soon and I will try to dig up some of the other exercises that I found to be very helpful in my training.

    Good luck!!

    | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago
    • SO nice to hear from you, Jenny! I’ve been meaning to email you and the gang for a while now. Glad to hear your hip is feeling better and I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself!!

      | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago
  2. * Cathy Wessels says:

    Great advice, Morgan. I really enjoy your blog posts. I added massage to my regular health care regime (I go once a month) and it really made a big difference to my overall wellbeing. If we expect our bodies to perform, we need to take care of them! Good luck in your training.

    | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago
    • THanks, Cathy! So glad to hear you’ve incorporated massage into your regular self-care routine. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself. Your body will thank you!

      | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago
  3. Great post and advice!

    I find that cross training is great to avoid injuries while training for a specific sport. Keeps you active and helps avoid injuries from repeated impacted to bones, joints and muscle.

    Might I also suggest some hip-hinge exercises when the hip is fully healed. Great Hip strengthening exercises. Ex; Kettlebell swings,

    | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

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