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On Counting Calories

Good morning!

I think this has been my longest stint not blogging. I’ve missed it. And today’s post will have to be kept short as I have an important morning meeting.

As I mentioned a blog post ago, I was recently in the United States where restaurants are now required to document the calorie count for each menu item. I’ve never been one for calorie counting as,= I believe it associates yet another anxiety with food and eating. An anxiety that we definitely do not need.

My anti-calorie counting stance was reaffirmed during my trip to the United States – I felt considerable anxiety about eating an entre comprised of close to 1000 calories (+). I ended up eating a meal that was fairly tasteless and experienced a great deal of guilt (which I rarely feel when eating) as it was close to 850 calories. All in all, a terrible dining experience.

I have yet to do the research, but an American colleague of mine mentioned she’s heard people actually end up eating more. I’m not surprised by this. If you’re already going off the proverbial bandwagon why not go off in style.

Today I looked up what a typical diet of 2000 calories would look like – here’s the link. The dietitian provides a breakdown of each food group and what consumption should aim to look like. The only thing I 100% disagree with – the low-fat dairy. Go full fat. And if you go full fat, be cognizant of the calorie increase so just eat a little less. I’m a big believer in full fat products – fat is a good thing for you, well monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats sure are. Don’t believe me? click here.

In summary, know what you’re calorie count is per day and what that looks like, but don’t waste time counting. So you may go over every once and a while, that’s okay. Try to stick within your limits, but try not to feel guilty or upset if you don’t.

Happy eating, not counting!




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