On Counting Calories

Good morning! I think this has been my longest stint not blogging. I've missed it. And today's post will have to be kept short as I have an important morning meeting. As I mentioned a blog post ago, I was recently in the United States where restaurants are now required to document the calorie count … Continue reading On Counting Calories


Coming Soon: How I kept exercise alive on vacation & eating in the USA

Last week I was in L.A. for work. What an incredible place - diverse, scenic, and best of all, hot! Time permitting, as I am travelling again this week, I hope to share my experience with exercise and eating in the USA.Happy Monday!M

Wednesday Workout Tip: Keep Exercise Alive on Vacation

Who doesn't want or need a relaxing vacation? I think everyone I know could use some serious R&R. But going on vacation doesn't have to mean that all activity stops, eating increases, and alcohol consumption starts at 10 AM. If that's what you want, go for it. Yet, I imagine you don't always feel super … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: Keep Exercise Alive on Vacation

What is a Healthy Work Environment?

The answer will be unique to everyone - a workplace with a gym, a daycare, wellness days, cafeteria, no bullying or harassment, no time clock, etc. etc etc. All those items above and many not listed can and will contribute to the health of an organization; Daniel Pink, author of the book Drive believes there … Continue reading What is a Healthy Work Environment?