Exploring New Exercise Territory

I've been reading and watching quite a bit about explorers and exploring. It seems we humans have a penchant for testing the odds, for pushing the limits, for taking a risk in pursuit of a reward so great, they often perish in its pursuit. How does this relate to exercise? Well, if you're heading out … Continue reading Exploring New Exercise Territory


Friday Funny

Good morning. It is a little busy in my professional life at the moment hence the lack of regular posts, but I wanted to provide with at least a laugh as you enter into the weekend (yay)! I've now watched this particular video three times and laughed each time. I grew up with cats and … Continue reading Friday Funny

11 Greatest Diet Myths

Ah the world of dieting. It's a world full of mind-boggling and often unsafe recommendations. It's a world that most will enter into at some point in their life - a very unfortunate thing. Why unfortunate? Because diets are not sustainable and therefore, will never work in the long haul. Sure, you'll drop a couple … Continue reading 11 Greatest Diet Myths

Let’s Talk…about Mental Illness

Today is Bell Canada's "Let's Talk" day, an annual mental illness and mental health awareness-raising initiative. As some of my readers know, I work in the mental health field, specifically in workplace mental health. But I don't just work in mental health, I actually believe in it. So what does mental health mean? According to … Continue reading Let’s Talk…about Mental Illness

#thighgap #skinnymini #thinspiration

I watched an interesting clip on CTV news regarding a new female body trend called the "thigh gap". Seriously? Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Check out the image below. So women of all ages have yet another image to aspire to - to have a gap between their thighs. As if there isn't … Continue reading #thighgap #skinnymini #thinspiration

Dealing with Death

When you begin writing a blog you vow to yourself, your readers, and your friends and family that you will not, I repeat, will not discuss your personal life. Sadly, I broke that vow quite early on and I'm going to break it again today. I was in Ontario last week for a family emergency. … Continue reading Dealing with Death