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Understanding Mindful Eating

Good morning!

I am currently enrolled in 30-day mindful eating course via email. Say what? Yes, participants receive emails from the instructor everyday that contain a message on mindful eating.

Yesterday’s email (that I read today) struck me. It asked us to determine our “drug of choice”. My instructor shared a personal story about her love affair with chocolate. It asked us to think about why we go to that drug – what motivates us, brings us to the fridge or pantry.

It struck me because I have been eating poorly as of late – buying chips (which I never do), eating more chocolate (chocolate is the go-to), drinking more alcohol (a glass per night, which is much more than my usual weekend drink), and more pop (I really don’t understand this one). It seems that I have many drugs of choice at the moment, perhaps too many.

It struck me because it made me think about my newly developing habits. Why am I doing this? I know, hours later, I do not feel good. I know I don’t sleep as well. I know how it affects me physically and emotionally. So why then do I continue to do it?

I’m human. I make mistakes. We all do. Yet, this is more than that. Food, right now, is my comfort tool. It is making me feel happy, if only for that brief moment. Until reading yesterday’s email, I never realized that I was a comfort eater.

It’s amazing what you realize when you sit back, breath, and assess the situation and ask “why”. I don’t particularly like the answer, but it will likely help me to better address the issue.

I encourage you to take time over the next week and pause before you eat something akin to your “drug of choice”. Ask yourself “why”. And while you may not like the answer, it may provide some insight into why you can’t drop the last 10 lbs you’ve been wanting to, or why you don’t sleep well, or why your mood continues to see-saw.

Happy eating and thinking,



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