New Standards for Workplace Mental Health

Are you employed? Ever been bullied, harassed, or felt psychologically unsafe at your work due to work overload, poor work / life balance, unclear expectations and instructions? I imagine you scored a perfect 2 out of 2 on that little quiz. Sadly, too many employees (and employers for that matter) have experienced the consequences of … Continue reading New Standards for Workplace Mental Health


Understanding Mindful Eating

Good morning! I am currently enrolled in 30-day mindful eating course via email. Say what? Yes, participants receive emails from the instructor everyday that contain a message on mindful eating. Yesterday's email (that I read today) struck me. It asked us to determine our "drug of choice". My instructor shared a personal story about her … Continue reading Understanding Mindful Eating

On New Year’s Resolutions

Woo - I have been away from the world of blogging for far too long. It seems I took a major break from the holidays. Perhaps it provides an indication of how stressful my holidays were. Regardless, I am excited to be back. I absolutely love starting my day with a post. So, how are … Continue reading On New Year’s Resolutions