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Beat the Holiday Blues (or Grumps)

Do the holidays bring out the grumpy cat in you?

The grumpy cat lives inside all of us and tends to become more pronounced during the holiday season. We have a lot to deal with – shopping malls (ugh), awkward family gatherings, work parties (mine rocked…glad to avoid the awkward), Christmas plays, church (if you attend), cooking, cleaning, spending money, eating, drinking, shoveling, being Santa. Did I mention spending money? There’s no doubt we have a lot going on, but the holidays can be great. I’m sincerely looking forward to mine.

But just in case you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, I’ve included a few clips to hopefully make you chuckle.

Jumping Cat

Cookie Monster WANT Cookie

Nope…Chuck Testa

Pug sings Batman…love this one.

I hope these clips brought you a smile, perhaps even a laugh or two. Humour is a great way to relieve stress and tension. I encourage you to take advantage of it this holiday season.

Happy holidays!



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