Yoga works. Surprise.

For those of you who watch Modern Family, you’ll understand how the above “surprise” should be said. For those of you who are not familiar, I’m sorry. I tried to find a clip on YouTube, but to no avail. But seriously, if you’re not watching it, start watching it. The laughter will be good for you.

Anyways, about 3 weeks ago I commented on the tightness and pain of my hip flexors, specifically my left one. I made a commitment to you, my readers, that I would actually do something about it instead of whinging.

So what did I start doing?

  • Stood and walked more at work
  • Stretched at work and at home (around 2-3 times per day)
  • Started attending yoga again. This was a tough one and I’ll explain below.
  • Increased my activity during lunch hour

And guess what? My left hip flexor is unbelievably better. I don’t lie awake feeling it twinge and generally annoy me. The only thing, I’ve got to keep up this activity to ensure that the tightness does not return and that’s tough.

It’s tough, because I find yoga very, very challenging. I actually find most poses painful and frustrating. I find balance poses the most challenging – especially when I can barely stand on one leg without wobbling and people are doing all kinds of intricate poses around me without any wobble. How unfair.

yoga Because I find yoga both painful and challenging, I tend to avoid it. But this week, I went to four hot yoga classes. Yes, four. Before I go on, a few words of advice:

  • Try to avoid standing near a man – he is going to sweat a lot, smell, not have washed his shorts from the last class (yes, serious ew), and potentially fart. Not a win win situation.
  • Bring a towel that runs the length of your entire mat. Otherwise you’re going to spend a large amount of time readjusting the towel so that your back leg doesn’t slip off and cause a groin injury.
  • Drink water.
  • Lie down when you’re about to faint. Or lie down when you feel like having a snooze (I do this quite often).
  • Don’t compare yourself to other participants.

Anyways, while the yoga was challenging, sweaty, and frustrating at times, it has proven to be very useful in the stretching department. I appreciate that this is not a startling revelation, that yoga is good for stretching. Thus, while my body is absolutely exhausted today, it feels well-worked, stronger and more stretched.

So if you’re sore, tight, feeling fatigued I encourage you to make a change in your daily routine to address and take control of the issue. Go to a yoga class. Drink more water. Stretch during lunch hour or go for a walk. Do something to help your body. Trust me. It’s worth it. My hip flexors are seriously thanking me.

Happy Friday!


Photo taken by Augusto Mia Battaglia Photography


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