Beat the Holiday Blues (or Grumps)

Do the holidays bring out the grumpy cat in you? The grumpy cat lives inside all of us and tends to become more pronounced during the holiday season. We have a lot to deal with - shopping malls (ugh), awkward family gatherings, work parties (mine rocked...glad to avoid the awkward), Christmas plays, church (if you … Continue reading Beat the Holiday Blues (or Grumps)


“You are already more than enough”

If you're an extremely perceptive, hard-core Live It Active blog reader, you will recognize this quote. In fact, you may even remember the blog post. So why am I reusing it? Because it's holiday season. And while we may in fact be extremely excited to see family, friends, the glow of a good bottle of red, … Continue reading “You are already more than enough”

T’is Party Season. Avoid the Food Coma.

Party season is upon us. Weekends seem to go by more quickly, your kids (if you've got them) have entered hyperville and don't seem to be returning home anytime soon, and your pants are perhaps a little tighter than they were in November. There's no denying it, it's party time. If you like parties, it … Continue reading T’is Party Season. Avoid the Food Coma.

Yoga works. Surprise.

For those of you who watch Modern Family, you'll understand how the above "surprise" should be said. For those of you who are not familiar, I'm sorry. I tried to find a clip on YouTube, but to no avail. But seriously, if you're not watching it, start watching it. The laughter will be good for … Continue reading Yoga works. Surprise.

It’s Cold Season. Avoid the Sickness.

It's cold season. The more time we spend indoors, the greater our chances of becoming sick. No, I'm not advocating that you stay outside in a blizzard, but I am recommending you do a few things to help stave off the sickness. Apparently, adults average 3 colds per year and kids can expect between 6 … Continue reading It’s Cold Season. Avoid the Sickness.