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How to relieve low back pain

My back and hip flexors have been in agony lately. It’s not as though I am living an overly active life at the moment – I skied on the weekend, run 2 times per week, and get to the gym for weights at least 1-2 times. If I’m lucky, I’ll get some Zumba in as well (1-2 per month at the moment). But these activities are nothing new.

What I am doing a lot more of is sitting. I sit all day at work and then I come home and sit in the evening.

Last night after stretching for close to 1-2 hours (while watching re-runs of Scrubs…hilarious show) I was fed up. I drank 1/2 a glass of wine to relax my muscles and…nothing. Before going to bed, I took an Advil. I know, I know, bad form mixing alcohol and drugs, but I was desperate. This morning I woke up with the same tightness and decided to take a bath. Still nothing.

It seems as though I am completely out of options but alas, I am not. There are a few other tricks I’ve got to try before I allow hopelessness to set in.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks I pledge to do the action items listed below. At the end of three weeks I will update you on whether these actions helped to alleviate the tightness and pain I am currently experiencing in my low back and left hip flexor.

  • Stretch every morning, afternoon and night (following a light warm-up of course). This video gives 5 different stretches for the back – I did them all last night and plan to for the next 3 weeks.
  • Get back to a regular Yoga schedule – I have no excuse as my gym is literally a block away and there is a Bikram studio two blocks away. NO EXCUSE.
  • Remember to stretch my hamstrings and glutes. Tight hamstrings can have a major impact on your low back.
  • Take more walking and standing breaks at work. I am fairly vigilant about this; however, I can be better.
  • Increase my lunchtime activity. I try to run 1x per week but over the next 3 weeks I plan to increase my activity to 2x per week. This may be running or walking.

Hopefully the information collected in this mini, quasi study will provide you with some tips and tricks to help alleviate your own low back pain. If you already have a few tips and tricks, please feel free to share!

Happy Wednesday!




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  1. * Jennifer D Womack says:

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    | Reply Posted 5 years, 3 months ago

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