Pushups & Pee?

The Globe and Mail is offering up some interesting exercise advice this morning – how to squeeze in a workout during your bathroom break.

I want to preface that I am a big advocate of fitting in exercise into your daily routine, but this is a stretch, even for me. Running or biking to work, walking during lunch, taking the stairs, sitting on a Swiss ball instead of a desk chair, or stretching mid afternoon are all fairly straightforward examples and less likely to result in a bacterial infection (well, one can hope). Doing pushups on the wall, right beside the urinal, is a little much.

The author of this article has likened exercise to hand-washing. It seems that both things are natural behaviours in the bathroom. Well, they’re not (well, hand-washing is fairly standard).

Personally, I don’t want to exercise in the washroom and I would hasten a bet that most of you wouldn’t want to either. And it’s not because it’s ‘weird’ (I like weird). It’s because it’s down right unhygienic and stinky.There are so many other places in the workplace to work on your pecs. The first place that comes to mind, your office. The second, the break room. The third, any wall that is not in the bathroom.

Let me restate this, I am all for fitting exercise into your daily routine, but even I have limits. Yet, if you’re comfortable with getting your sweat on in the bathroom, go for it. As the expression goes, to each their own.

Happy workout…wherever you may be!



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