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Reflecting on the “Everyday Champion” Series

Sadly, the Everyday Champion series has come to an end (well, for the time being). I have to say, the series has been my favourite on the blog so far, not that there have been a lot of series, but still.

I learned a lot from my friends and family members – about them, their challenges, and the human spirit. It’s a fighting one. The human spirit is tenacious, tough, and resilient. It takes a lot to bring someone down and keep them there.

We heard from a multiple half marathoner who plans to run another race in her near future. We heard from a a man who did indeed throw away his fat clothes – his exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes have resulted in sustainable weight loss. We heard from a woman with a chronic condition who works hard to ensure some normalcy to her everyday life. We learned that old dogs can learn new tricks if they’re willing to; that running can become a part of your exercise regime at 60. We heard from a woman who was tired of being told “you have such a pretty face” and became the yummy mummy she wanted to be. We heard about the journey of a woman diagnosed with Depression; we learned that Depression has many different etiologies and that each deals with it in their own perfect way.

We heard six powerful and inspiring stories from six very different people, all at different stages of their life. Yet, there were undeniable similarities. Each experienced challenges. Each experienced setbacks. Each experienced pain (whether physical or mental). Each experienced joy.

To me, an everyday champion is a person that has overcome an incredible challenge. What makes something an incredible challenge? The eye of the beholder; the challenge is relative to the person who decides to take it on. A half-marathon to a decorated Iron Man isn’t a challenge. Making a lifestyle change may not be a challenge to a professional athlete (at least not now, perhaps in the beginning stages of their training). And running a 5 KM may not seem like much to that multiple half-marathoner.

Most of us are aware of our strengths and weaknesses. An everyday champion is one that uses their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Using humour to overcome the pain of running another 10 meters or creating a schedule to overcome fatigue are prime examples.  An everyday champion is one that determines the challenge, sets both big and mini goals, creates a plan of action, and follows through. It is a person that sets a new goal once they’ve accomplished their last one. It is a person that learns how to take care of themselves in the way that works best for them.

We are surrounded by everyday champions. Truly. Just start talking to your coworker, neighbour, partner, long-time friend and you’ll realize you’re completely surrounded. Trust me, you’ll be inspired.

Due to the success of this series and the absolute joy I have derived from doing it, I have decided to write a book. The challenge – I need more champions. So to all those everyday champions out there (and I know there are hundreds of thousands), send me your story. The world wants to read it. 

Lastly, thank you to the everyday champions who were brave enough to share their respective stories. I cannot thank you enough for participating in this endeavor. And yes, I will be asking you to be a part of my book :).




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