Karoshi. Death by Overwork.

It seems that Canada's work-life balance is out of kilter, based on a recent poll featured in the Globe and Mail. At least most Canadians polled are familiar with the term work-life balance. Apparently only 10% of Japanese workers are familiar with the term. The Japanese culture places great emphasis on work ethic. Not to … Continue reading Karoshi. Death by Overwork.


Mr. Golden Sun, where are you?

Yesterday was the first full day of sun that Calgary has had in over a week. A week doesn't sound long but trust me, it is. Apparently in order to stimulate the production of vitamin D (yes, your body actually produces it) you need around 5-30 minutes of sun exposure two times per week. As … Continue reading Mr. Golden Sun, where are you?

The Fear of Success (yes, success)

I am doing some reading on motivation for my upcoming book (yes, book...if I tell people, I am more likely to get it done). I just finished the book The Life You Want by Bob Greene and while little lengthy, he and his team provide the reader with some useful information, tips, and next steps. … Continue reading The Fear of Success (yes, success)

It’s Wednesday and I’m Out of Juice (On Work/Life Balance)

No, not orange juice or beer. I am also not referring to the 'juice' in cars (aka, gas...my dad's slang, in case you're wondering). I'm referring to energy. Seriously, I can't believe it's only Wednesday. It's been a busy week at work, I haven't managed to exercise, and am in need of my monthly B12 … Continue reading It’s Wednesday and I’m Out of Juice (On Work/Life Balance)

Pushups & Pee?

The Globe and Mail is offering up some interesting exercise advice this morning - how to squeeze in a workout during your bathroom break. I want to preface that I am a big advocate of fitting in exercise into your daily routine, but this is a stretch, even for me. Running or biking to work, … Continue reading Pushups & Pee?

Wednesday Workout Tip: Try Out His Sweet Moves

Good morning! Ever get tired of the same old exercise routine? I do. After about 2 days of doing the same thing, I need to switch it up (yes, I have a short attention span). This guy, Michael Darren (I assume...don't know him personally) put together a video of 21 different moves that you can … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: Try Out His Sweet Moves