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Wednesday Workout Tip: Train for your 5 KM race in 2 weeks

Before we begin, I have to say that waiting until the last minute to train is NOT something I support. To me, it defeats the purpose of signing up for a race in the first place and further more, increases the likelihood of4 an injury. But, if you have found yourself short on time, but still wish to participate in whatever race you signed up for, I encourage you to read Kathleen Trotter’s article in the Globe and Mail.

The article primarily focuses on training tips for accomplishing the 5 KM, but I am sure they could be modified to fit whatever race you’re doing. However, if you are doing something unbelievably intense such as a marathon, Ironman, or triathalon , I encourage you to NOT, I repeat, NOT participate in the race if you have not trained. The cost (those races can be super expensive to sign up for), injury, and the recovery time are not worth it. For those kind of races, you need to train. A lot. For those kind of races, you need a coach and/or a support person to help with the training and getting through the race.

Happy Wednesday!



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