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A Toast to Everyday Champions

September, for most people, is often associated with change, excitement, and for a few lucky individuals, new clothes. Unfortunately, I am not one of the lucky ones when it comes to new clothes, but I have decided to change it up on the blog – well, just a bit.

To mark the dawn of a new school year, I’ve decided to run a series on the ‘Everyday Champion’ for the entire month of September. Who are these champions I speak of?

They’re people who get up and go to work everyday, who manage families, and work hard to find time for their health and well-being (and finding time for that can be very hard with a full-time job and family). They’re people who may have endured a life-altering experience that motivated them to change their habits, start exercising, eating better, and taking care of their stress levels. They’re people coping with a chronic illness. They’re people approaching retirement and want to stay healthy.

Who are they not? They’re not Olympians. They’re not professional athletes. They’re not exorbitantly wealthy individuals with a tonne of time on their hand.

They’re students, business-owners, fundraisers, researchers, marketing professionals. They’re everyday people, just like you (my amazing readers) and me. And over the month of September they will share their personal stories with us.

Stay tuned for my first post this Monday.

Happy weekend and Happy September!



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