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Wednesday Workout Tip: Switch up your routine

I appreciate that I have talked about the importance of routine and consistency in other posts. Go figure, I would write about something completely the opposite, but I am.

If you’re bored of the gym, why not try something different? If you’re not bored of the gym, but your routine, well…change it up. Yes, it is that simple. Even changing the order you do your exercises in will help shake things up. However, I would encourage you to incorporate new weight-lifting moves and different forms of cardio.

For example, if you always run for 10-15 minutes prior to your weight-lifting regime, start on the bike. If you usually do cardio, weights, cardio, why not try, warm-up, weights, skipping, weights, skipping, erg machine? If you’re short on creativity, visit YouTube and watch a couple of muscle heads who will happily provide you with some ideas. If you do go down the YouTube path, please be cautious. The majority of people posting videos are likely not trainers, just people who love pumping the guns (which doesn’t necessarily make them bad or incorrect, just means they’re not certified). Use with caution.

If you’re boredom stems from the very gym itself, there are other options out there. I’ve talked about the importance of finding something you love doing in earlier posts, but I will say it again – find something you love doing. If you do, you’re more likely to stick with it. There are a number of ways you can do this, and relatively cheaply.

1. Explore classes offered at your gym. If you’re not a member, find a friend who is and join them for a class or two.

2. Go and hit some balls at the driving range. Is golf your game?

3. Visit your local rowing club and ask if you could buy a package of 1-2 introductory lessons at a discounted rate. You can barter. Be strong.

4. Attend a local sporting event – triathalon, duathalon, Iron Man, half marathon, etc. Do you like what you see? Is this something you could see yourself training for? Believe me, it’s a lot of fun and a great challenge.

5. Organize a curling bonspiel with your coworkers. This could be for a Christmas party or staff bonding event.

6. Join an intramural sports league with friends.

7. Go on a trailride with your sweetie this weekend. Again, so much fun!

8. Ask the local dance studio if you could attend 1-2 ballroom dance classes. Explain that you’re nervous and really just want to try it out. Sell it to them as an opportunity for their business. People are often intimidated to buy a package of 6-8 classes because of the dreaded ‘what if?’. Convince the owner (you need to talk with the owner) that selling an introductory package of 1-3 classes would be more attractive to buyers.

9. Next time your kid is at karate, think about taking an adult class. Thinking costs nothing, but I would really like to you try an adult class.

10. Find a local Lululemon and attend a free yoga class. Yes, they’re free.

If you have other ideas on how to switch up your routine whether it be routine or activity, please comment or send me an email. I love hearing other ideas.

Happy Wednesday.



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