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Wednesday Workout Tip: Stay Hydrated

Did you know you should be drinking 150-350 ml of water every 20 minutes during strenuous exercise lasting more than an hour? 

Did you know the that water is absorbed by the intestine at a rate of 30 ml/min, but that we sweat approximately 50 ml/min of water during strenuous exercise? Thus, no matter how much we drink, we’re never going to remain fully hydrated throughout any exercise session.

Hypohydration is a common occurrence for professional athletes and active recreational athletes alike. There are a number of consequences: poor performance, muscle pain, and potentially a trip to the hospital. Yes, being hypohydrated is very serious, however, I am sure you already knew that.

In summary, it is important to drink during and after exercise as you have some catching up to do. Furthermore, if you are engaging in strenuous exercise past 1 hour you should consider reviewing your pre-, during, and post-exercise diet in addition to your electrolyte needs. For most recreational athletes, you should be fine just the way you are. Yet, if you are preparing for a half marathon, marathon, Iron Man/Woman, or Olympic Triathlon, you should definitely be energy intake, the quality of calories, and your hydration practice throughout the day.

Happy hydrating!




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