For the Win – Missy Franklin Takes Gold

I am sure  most of you are watching the Olympics, or the news, or reading the paper; however, I thought I would do a few posts over the course of the next 11 remaining days about inspirational athletes.

Missy Franklin won her first gold medal for team USA last night at the age of 17. At age 17 I was in my final years of highschool. I was worried about getting into university, making the highschool rugby team (let’s be as clear as possible – highschool level, not Olympic level), and seeing my friends on a regular basis. I most certainly was not:

  • Swimming 5-6 KM per day
  • Training 2-3 hours per day, 6-7 days per week
  • Watching my caloric intake and monitoring my diet quality (I am unsure I knew about macronutrients at that stage of life)
  • Flying to London to participate in the Olympics

Yes, Franklin swims 5-6 KM per day. Have I mentioned she’s 17?

Her list of accomplishments is to long to list. Suffice it say, she is superhuman. If you wish to know her medal count, click here.

As CTV has relentlessly pointed out, Franklin is half Canadian. Her parents, both Ontarians, moved to the USA some years back – her father was a professional football player until injury took him from the field.

To me, what’s most impressive is Franklin’s unwavering commitment to her education. She has refused to go professional as it would remove the opportunity to swim for her college team. Both Franklin and her parents understand that sport does not last forever – the body will eventually say ‘no’.  Franklin has aspirations of majoring in journalism (for the time being), and intends to make college a reality in the very near future.

And lastly, Franklin is a consummate professional. She is friendly and engaging with each spokesperson. She is complimentary and encouraging of her fellow teammates and competitors – a true sportswoman. Ego she has not.

All in all, a tremendous athlete with so much awaiting her in the future.




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