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The Olympics Has Arrived

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? For 14 days we are delighted by perfectly sculpted bodies, intense crossing-the-finish-line-faces, pure joy, and a deep feeling of pride when our countrymen/women bring home the gold.

As you may have deduced, I am very excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight. I wonder, “What will Britain do to delight our senses?” and “Can it top that of the Chinese?” and I answer, “Likely not, but who cares – the Olympics has arrived!”

A Facebook friend posted this video (below) and it got me fairly excited for the next 14 days (12 of which I will not have access to cable, but I will find a way to watch). I am constantly in awe by the dedication, drive, and tenacity of each competitor. The time, practice, training, and heartbreak that goes into that one  race, throw, jump, game is much more than we as viewers can comprehend (unless you are a past Olympic athlete).

Enjoy the video and the next 14 days of incredible talent.



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