A Return to Regularity

Good morning!

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be writing this post. It signifies a change and return to normalcy (somewhat). I couldn’t be happier to be returning to the blogosphere.

While we often bemoan our everyday routine, our work schedule, or our weekend chores, they do provide us with something unbelievably important – consistency. And consistency, while we don’t give it enough credit, is crucial for maintaining a stable state of mind.

A change to our regular routine can come about in a number of ways. Travel for work. Travel for pleasure. Addition to your family. Marriage. Loss in your family. Going to University or College. New job. New home. Change in location. Change to your health – better or worse. You get the picture.

Yes, vacations are nice. They too are important to maintaining a stable state of mind. I’m not, however, necessarily referring to the change in routine that accompanies a hard-earned vacation. No, I am referring to the change in schedule that often accompanies a life change – big or small (of which some are listed above).

The majority of you will have experienced some change in your life. I know, I know, I did blog about change a while ago, but what I wanted to delve into was the notion and importance of consistency.

Humans are creatures of habit (well, for the most part). We like knowing where we are going. We like to have a plan of action, even if it is not quite the same each day. And while we sometimes get bored, which we inevitably do, we do like it (yes, I am speaking very generally). And when elements of our everyday routine are removed or the location of our routine alters, it affects us. Some more than others, but it definitely has an affect.

While change is unavoidable there are ways to mitigate its effects (if they be negative).

.Be sure to acknowledge the change and give yourself permission to grieve the losses that accompany it. Losses could include the following: a change to your morning coffee time, bus location, or office space. I know, grieving because of a change to your coffee time sounds funny, but it may be due to a big, unalterable change – a new addition to the family, a job loss, a change in mental health.

Yet, it is important to be aware that change is positive – that altering your routine is imperative for growth and renewal.

Give yourself time to adjust. Don’t be too hard on yourself if acceptance doesn’t come as quickly as you would like it. We need time to process adjustments in our surroundings. It is OK to be slow (or fast). Consistency will return. Routine will take shape and form.

Basically, I am encouraging you to be mindful of your change and the way you’re feeling about it. It will help. I promise.

Let’s see if I can practice what I preach. Regardless of my success on accepting my new surroundings, I am so so so happy to be returning to a more regular blogging schedule.



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