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Fitting in Physical Activity During a Holiday – It’s Tricky

We are currently on a family holiday in England. While holidays are always lovely, they often involve a lot of eating and little walking. This largely depends on the type of vacation you decide to do, but it seems that excess eating and reduced exercise is somewhat of a standard.

To combat this particular issue, my mom said that following every meal we would engage in a 30 minute walk (minimum). So far, we are at a ratio of 5:1. That is 1 walk for every 5 meals. No, we have a way to go before we reach a 1:1, but there is still time and hope.

It’s difficult. Especially when you’re staying with family and you don’t want to seem too obsessive and/or rude. Yet, it’s important to fit in the activities you would like to do, even if it is a 30 minute walk around the back fields.

Here are some suggestions on to avoid coming of as either a) a physical activity nutter and/or b) a rude guest:

  1. Ask your hosts to join you
  2. Mention that you hope to get a few walks in per day (in advance of eating the meal so they have a heads up)
  3. Break up the walks – 15 minutes prior to the meal and 15 minutes after
  4. Plan an afternoon of hiking (again, ask your hosts to join you)
  5. Instead of driving to the pub, walk to one (and in England, this isn’t difficult as there is a pub around every corner (well, not quite, but almost))

There is never going to be a perfect solution unless you plan an active holiday. As in, you plan a trip around hiking, cycling, or horseback riding.

Another such issue during vacation are stomach pains due to excess eating (as already mentioned). To avoid constant bloat, I recommend the following tactics:

  1. Eat less (yes, it’s possible). Do so by taking a smaller plate or putting a smaller helping on your plate and going back for seconds if necessary.
  2. Drink less alcohol. This will reduce late night snacking.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Drink less caffeine. This will prevent you from staying up later than necessary and thus, reduce late night snacking.
  5. Fill up on greens and protein.

While I recommend taking these exercise and eating ideas to heart, I also want you to enjoy your holiday. There is no point in going away and being more concerned about your diet and exercise than you are at home. Thus, if you are relatively healthy at home, follow a similar regime while away. I must be honest though, I have definitely been enjoying my Aunty Georgie’s desserts as they are absolutely impossible to resist.

All the best in your holiday health pursuits.




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  1. * Judy Rose says:

    Hi Morgan: Your England trip sounds awesome. Hope you enjoy every day of eating, visiting and walking. I know you will get back into routine very quickly once you are back at home. Take care and say hi to your Mom too! Judy Rose

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 8 months ago

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