For the Win – Missy Franklin Takes Gold

I am sure  most of you are watching the Olympics, or the news, or reading the paper; however, I thought I would do a few posts over the course of the next 11 remaining days about inspirational athletes. Missy Franklin won her first gold medal for team USA last night at the age of 17. … Continue reading For the Win – Missy Franklin Takes Gold


The Olympics Has Arrived

Who doesn't love the Olympics? For 14 days we are delighted by perfectly sculpted bodies, intense crossing-the-finish-line-faces, pure joy, and a deep feeling of pride when our countrymen/women bring home the gold. As you may have deduced, I am very excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight. I wonder, "What will Britain do to delight … Continue reading The Olympics Has Arrived

Wednesday Workout Tip: Master Hill Training

So most runners hate hills. Especially runners in the Netherlands. Yes, there is a story behind that comment. I did a 10 KM while on exchange there and halfway through the course was faced with a very very very slight incline. In my periphery I noticed every single runner gradually slowed their pace to almost … Continue reading Wednesday Workout Tip: Master Hill Training

The Importance of Your Hips and Thighs (Part #1)

This post is mainly directed at the ladies, specifically the pregnant and/or the soon-to-be pregnant. However, fathers-to-be are pretty critical and will more than likely play a role in child development (I am being sarcastic here, they will play a HUGE role), so hopefully there are some nuggets in here they can pass onto their … Continue reading The Importance of Your Hips and Thighs (Part #1)

A Return to Regularity

Good morning! I can't tell you how pleased I am to be writing this post. It signifies a change and return to normalcy (somewhat). I couldn't be happier to be returning to the blogosphere. While we often bemoan our everyday routine, our work schedule, or our weekend chores, they do provide us with something unbelievably … Continue reading A Return to Regularity

Fitting in Physical Activity During a Holiday – It’s Tricky

We are currently on a family holiday in England. While holidays are always lovely, they often involve a lot of eating and little walking. This largely depends on the type of vacation you decide to do, but it seems that excess eating and reduced exercise is somewhat of a standard. To combat this particular issue, … Continue reading Fitting in Physical Activity During a Holiday – It’s Tricky