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Apologies for the dearth in posts

Currently, my routine is a little out of sorts. Due to this lack of consistency, my blog posts have been extremely irregular and may continue to be so for the next month or so. For this, I sincerely apologize.

As I settle into a new job and new city, without a permanent residence I will require a bit of leniency on your part. I am going to assume that you are OK with this and that your life/happiness/routine does not rely on this blog…

I wish you all a lovely weekend. I know the weather is a little on the toasty side in Ontario, so try to find places to cool down while being active. Lakes, swimming pools, water parks – basically anywhere/anything where water is present/involved. And remember to wear sunscreen and to reapply post-swim. For those who are in more mild climates (such as myself), find an activity that will warm you up – hiking, cycling, jogging, nordic walking (a.k.a. urban poling), canoeing, kayaking, horse-back riding, rock climbing – you get the picture. Be sure to bring a friend or family member along for safety and companionship. I can’t stress how important the social aspect of exercise/physical activity is.

Happy week-ending. Enjoy each moment.



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