Part #4 of Making a Big Change: Soaking up the Love and Support of Family & Friends

As those close to us know, we have arrived in Calgary. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, but very exciting.

For those who have made a big change before, you will know the transition period can be tough. Packing up, leaving home, parting with close friends and family is no easy task. It’s stressful. You feel emotionally and physically drained. You catch yourself drifting off in the middle of the afternoon, losing your train of thought, feeling as though you have recently encountered the undercarriage of a large vehicle. And you’re supposed to deal with everything with a modicum of grace and dignity. It’s a tough process.

But there is something that can make it better (well, there are a number of things, but one major one) – the support, care, and love of friends and family. We have been completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of gifts, thoughts, cards, words of encouragement from friends and family. For those that are reading, thank you, thank you, thank you. You will never know how much your kind words, wishes and gifts have meant and helped us.

Having a support network has been unbelievably helpful during this period of transition. Knowing that people are interested in your wellbeing and are happy (well, maybe not happy but open) to listen to your trials and tribulations throughout the process, makes everything so much easier.

While the majority of adult human beings don’t often like to rely too much on the generosity and time of others, sometimes we need to. Sometimes we need to soak up the love and support of our family and friends during times of high stress, change, and need.  And at other times, when someone else is going through a major change/transition, we can reach out and provide them with the comfort, love and support they require.It’s a good system – I definitely you encourage to develop and maintain one.

In summary, a support network is key. Everyone’s support network is going to differ in number, composition, and geographical location, but no matter the size/type/location of your support persons, you will receive benefit (and a good number of them too).



2 thoughts on “Part #4 of Making a Big Change: Soaking up the Love and Support of Family & Friends

  1. Hi Moragn! Glad to know you and Evan survived the trip to Calgary and are excited to be there. Hope your network of friends and family continue to support you as you settle in to your new life there. I look forward to more liveitactive entries in the weeks and months ahead. Take care, Judy Rose

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