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Part #3 of Making a Big Change: Managing Time Efficiently is Hard

As my regular blog followers will have noticed, I have been a little low on the posts as of late. It has been a busy time – moving to Calgary is no small feat.

I have had the work week off (thank goodness) which has allowed me to pack, say some goodbyes, do my last week of Zumba, attend book club, be present at my amazing friend’s dance show, and today I will attend a very special ceremony – my partner is getting called to the Ontario bar. It has been a busy and at times, overwhelming week.

I have tried hard to manage my time efficiently and I think I have been somewhat successful. Here is what I did to ensure a successfully time-managed week:

1. Got a good amount of sleep

2. Didn’t drink a lot of alcohol

3. Made ‘To Do’ lists

4. Didn’t sleep in

5. Packed in stages so as to avoid burnout

6. Said ‘goodbye’ in stages

7. Cried only twice

8. Yelled at Evan once (as opposed to 10x)

9.  Let go of plans that didn’t work out (i.e. didn’t waste mental energy)

10. Didn’t make new plans

11. Said ‘no’

12. Used my Blackberry to email people while waiting or in between tasks

13. Ate regular meals (albeit a little on the unhealthy side)

14. Exercised

15. Booked a trip to Lake Louise to keep me motivated on the packing front

Were you expecting some earth-shattering list? I hope not. Each of you will have your own items and ideas on how to better manage your time, but these definitely helped me to have a somewhat productive week.

I believe that my week of mindfulness meditation (last week) definitely helped me to stay present and focused on whatever task I was performing this week. I say this because I was able to read a book in one day for my mid-week book club. If I wasn’t being mindful (i.e. engrossed in the present moment of reading the book) and instead, thinking about what needed to be done, or that I was being lazy, or that going to book club would be a waste of precious packing time, I would not have been able to complete the book and enjoy it as much as I did. I know, I know, I am tooting my own horn a bit, but my reason for sharing isn’t to brag, but to demonstrate the benefits of mindful practice. There are just so many.

Happy time- and task-managing.



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