Part #2 of Making a Big Change: The Importance of Staying Mindful

This morning I managed to get myself up for a 1-hour mindfulness session from 7-8 AM with my momma and mindfulness guru, Barbara Wilkinson. If the name sounds familiar that is because I conducted an interview with Barbara a while back, you should read it.

Before I start writing, I want to apologize for the “me” focus of my blogs recently. I just think my current story may resonate with others going through a big change, whether it be moving, or starting a new job, or getting married – you get the point. I will get back to my writing about relevant and interesting health information, Wednesday workout tips, and all things wellness very soon. I promise.

Last night was most definitely a restless one. With only three hours of sleep in addition to one massive mid-night scare (will explain if you ask me…in person), the morning did not promise to be a good one. Yet, I decided it was important I attend the mindfulness drop-in session as I had committed to two people. More importantly, I thought it might do my racing mind some good.

Turns out, it did. I sat for almost 30 minutes in quiet. I cracked my back and shoulders a few times and enjoyed a few rather loud sighs of relief throughout the meditation, but all in all I managed to remain fairly still.

During the meditation, Barbara stated that we were performing a similar act to farmers who let their field go to fallow after many good years of crop production. During this time of rest, the field undergoes a period of regeneration, allowing the fertility of the field to be restored and prepped for a new year of planting and growth. This cycle is imperative for the long-term success of the field and the farmer. I thought this a beautiful analogy to the process of meditation and its restorative effects.

My morning was less hurried. Much less stressed than the night I had come from. While the stress and fatigue mounted throughout the afternoon, I managed to successfully navigate my way through the trenches of work and make it back home via Highway 7.

If performing 30 minutes of quiet meditation per day will help me to better cope with stressful life experiences, count me in (and hopefully you (my lovely reader) one day as well).




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