Part #1 of Making a Big Change

Many of you will know that Evan and I will be moving to Calgary mid-June. If you didn't, you do now (apologies for the lack of email/text/Facebook message regarding it). It's a big move. It's a big change. I was offered the job of a lifetime and 'no' was not an option. We are both … Continue reading Part #1 of Making a Big Change


Pain during exercise? Proceed with caution, please.

This weekend I was visiting my aunt and she was asking my opinion about a new workout regime she has started. It's a high intensity, interval training type workout so of course, I loved it. However, as I was reading through the exercises, my aunt mentioned that she has experienced significant knee pain her entire … Continue reading Pain during exercise? Proceed with caution, please.

Multigrain Bread vs. Whole grain Bread

Do you know the difference? I didn't. All multigrain means is that the bread is made with flours of more than one grain. In fact, according to Ali Chernoff, a consulting dietitian in Vancouver, multigrain breads are occasionally made using white flour with brown sugar or molasses added to make them darker. So don't be … Continue reading Multigrain Bread vs. Whole grain Bread

Finding the funny on your path to health

I just finished reading Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs. It was laugh-out-loud funny. I found myself enjoying body-convulsing laughs in coffee shops, at the airport, and on the plane. As you might have guessed, I highly recommend the book. Using humour to discuss health is genius. While taking your health seriously is important (if … Continue reading Finding the funny on your path to health

10 Ways to Boost Energy

Due to the focus of my blog posts over the last two weeks or so, it has become fairly apparent to me that I am lacking in energy, motivation, etc. I imagine that many other North Americans and people world-wide are experiencing the same feelings of fatigue, lethargy, and malaise. How can we remedy this? … Continue reading 10 Ways to Boost Energy

The Importance of Compromise

I was supposed to be in Toronto this morning running the 10 KM Sporting Life  run. Based on the usage of "was" I assume you have put two-and-two together - I didn't run it. This is the first time in my life, where I have not fulfilled a formal commitment. And as you would imagine, … Continue reading The Importance of Compromise

Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

Feeling more grumpy than usual? Have little or no motivation to connect with friends or set plans? Having difficulty concentrating at work? Is accomplishing a daily and fairly mundane task akin to hiking Everest? Are you sick or have been in the recent past? If you answered yes to some or all of the above … Continue reading Signs and Symptoms of Burnout